Finding out WHY? Needing a purpose.

The last couple of days have been leading me forward along a path that has explored Frustration and Anxiety.  This path is leading somewhere…. although at the moment it is more about the journey than the, currently unknown, destination.

There’s no earthly way of knowing
Which direction we are going
There’s no knowing where we’re rowing
Or which way the river’s flowing

Willy Wonka

Yesterday, I began nutting out some planning and monitoring needs that could be contained within my new organisational tool, a Bullet Journal (bujo), and while the scrappy notes are relevant and seem important…. I have questions still.   The biggest of these is WHY?

Not, Why create a Bullet Journal?  I think I answered that yesterday – Organised lists help me with my anxiety.   Without anxiety, my frustration is reduced and I achieve more in less time, with less stress.

WHY??  The BIG WHY?  What / Who am I organising for?  What is the purpose to all this, life even?


I have proven, time and again, that I am amazing at organising – children, intimate events, outings, bigger events, students, learning experiences, reporting, itineraries, work tasks & reporting ….. all with a reason, an outcome, a why….. the organising is a tool to achieve the stated purpose, a measurable end result.

A reason to Believe, A reason to Achieve

Before I can begin to organise….I need a why?  Then I can look at what to plan,  create actions, engage with my team, implement measures or controls and review progress.

We all need a purpose in life ( or several) reasons to get up, eat, learn, earn, love, share, engage, clean …etc   which kind of loops back to the Level 10 Life tools I have found, complete with spider charts, pixel graphs and lists ….. more on that tomorrow as I explore this further

PS Spell check and I differ on the spelling of organise…. ‘z’ or ‘s’ ….. and does it really matter, if you all know what I mean??

Keep following to see where this all goes.


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